Shanghai Kudos Ultrasonic instrument co.,ltd was founded in 2000, is a mainly engaged in its own brand "KUDOS" "ishine" two series of ultrasonic cleaning machine R & D, production, sales and service of private enterprises. Born in Shanghai, by the end of the ultrasonic cleaner, domestic production of long-term look old, backward technology history, out of a domestic ultrasonic washer from the "manufacturing" to "create" the road of hope. Shanghai Kedao at the beginning of the establishment, in the production of ultrasonic cleaning machine as a starting point, with high quality standards, strict material selection, production process standardization implementation. Based on the China, global Deere, launched the first product is "high frequency" ultrasonic cleaning machine, to make up for the shortage of domestic ultrasonic cleaner work with low frequency, ultrasonic cleaner enables users to choose different frequency according to different purposes, greatly improving the working efficiency. Shanghai Kedao adhere to people-oriented, to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, R & D, production took power stepless adjustable ultrasonic cleaner national patent (Patent No.: ZL2004 20021063.7), dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner, (Patent No.: ZL2004 20036832), these products have brought great convenience to the user, deeply domestic and foreign customers welcome.

Shanghai Kedao is one of the larger manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaner. In cooperation with developed countries, the introduction of technology and advanced production technology, broaden the thinking, to speed up the development of ultrasonic cleaning, at the same time, we self accumulation, innovation. Among them, "KUDOS" series in the success of the liquid crystal display technology used in ultrasonic cleaner (patent number: ZL20053 35055.8 design appearance), then "ishine" series, but also developed a set of cleaning, degassing for multifunctional ultrasonic cleaner body, these new product innovation mode of the ultrasonic cleaning device development. Shanghai Kedao passed ISO9001 quality system certification in the industry, and in 2005 obtained CE certification, and was identified as the "national (product) the national supervision and inspection of the quality and stability of qualified enterprises", "China quality Miles quality good faith commitment of member units". Quality is the life of a Shanghai, we like making crafts so meticulous manufacturing products of the spirit, the establishment of a sound quality assurance system. Persevere to adhere to the products with high technological content, strong safety, lean manufacturing standard.

Through unremitting efforts, Shanghai has been the formation of domestic sales, export, the two regions, products are exported to all over the world, and to cooperate with the Japanese company SHARP, LCD series ultrasonic cleaner has been recognized in the Japanese market. At present, the main products are: Shanghai, a "KUDOS" series of high frequency, low frequency, large screen liquid crystal display power continuously adjustable and dual frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, floor type high power ultrasonic cleaner. "Ishine" series of multifunctional desktop ultrasonic cleaner with degassing, these products can basically meet the needs of all walks of life. As the ultrasonic cleaner leading manufacturers, Shanghai Kedao after years of development, adhere to the road and absorption of imported technology and independent development, to enhance the capability of product development.

We know: the excellent enterprise existence, is constantly beat and self, continuous innovation and development, only to be good at innovation, the enterprise can win the market, remain invincible. Shanghai Kedao success, greatly promoted the development of domestic ultrasonic cleaner, growing their own at the same time, driven by a large number of peer progress, inspired them in Shanghai, leading products, with their learning, guide technology as the honor, followed by the Department of guide way of thinking, some even directly copied, guide the appearance and technology. But although we often imitated, but never been exceeded. The future, will continue to promote.

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